Expressive Arts in Transition (EXIT) is a longitudinal study following 208 refugee boys over a period of two and a half years where an early intervention manual “EXIT” was carried out with 71 of the participants.

The therapeutic factors in Expressive Arts in Transition (EXIT) groups are creating a safe place, engaging and connecting through movement, focusing on resources and creating a sense of hope with developing future scenarios.

Intermodal Expressive Arts (EXA) is a group method suitable to work with survivors of human and nature induced trauma living in exile. Exile is a potential trauma in itself. The refugees find themselves in a transitional space – the senses shut down, what was meaningful becomes meaningless. The play space between the group members give the participants the possibility to “play with the new and old culture” and shape an identity in the new country.

The EXIT manual has been implemented in several centres for unaccompanied minor refugees in Norway. In 2016 the Norwegian Institute for Expressive Arts and Communications will continue to implement EXIT in centres for unaccompanied minors across the whole country.

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